Florida Sled Hockey Association
Mission Statement
Florida Sled Hockey Association inc.
A non profit 501- (c) (3)
We strive to create an environment where individuals with disabilities can
recreate with the same freedom of  choice , quality of life and independence
as their non disabled peers. We do this by developing , delivering  and
evaluating innovative barrier free recreation and health promoting programs.
Our guiding principals are promoting opportunities and collaborating with
others to create a strong network of accessible recreation.
Players and parents from all four programs in
the state came by for 2011 / 2012 End of
Season cook out / games Teams from team Ft
Myers Had a great time and great food
prepared by our good friend Gary Baker. See
you all next season.
USA Hockey National Sled hockey team 2010 paralympic
and 2012 World championship Gold Medal winner
Josh Pauls (center black shirt)
Stops in after Florida Youth Sled teams last game at the
USA Hockey Disabled Festival in Dallas TX. To
congratulate the team on a great tourney
"The Florida Sled Bandits"
( 2012 and 2013 NATIONAL Disabled Festival  Open A Division Champs)  
The Florida Sled Bandits, is team comprised of the best Sled Hockey athletes in Florida. This team will be what all the
players in the state will strive to play for. The Bandits will be playing only the best competition in th country and will be in
the highest divisions in order to play for a National championship every year at the USA Hockey Disabled Festival .

Also announcing a new team name and logo for our local program . Our new local team name is
"Florida Ice" Sled Hockey
"Florida Ice" Players  play locally in a more recreational format with the opportunity to advance to the Bandits.
"ICE" players will be welcomed to play a on either a "B" team or a "Youth " team at the USA National Disabled
Festival held each year at a different local across the country!
Both of these programs welcome new players and team Sponsors . Expenses are high so please contact us for
tax deductible sponsorship opportunities !!
So to help support both programs contact Ron Robichaud at
207-252-7134 or email floridasledhockey@yahoo.com
or click or scan the symbol at the top of the page
Click or SCAN HERE
for your tax deductible sponsorship !